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The TV market is apparently saturated with top popular brands and hundreds of names from the Far East. The founders of Meer Vision have the guts and the tech gumption to take on challenges and offer something unique to Indian TV viewers. We believe the next generation of youth will prefer features and will focus on the TV performance rather than simply and blindly trust brand names. A preliminary survey gave us insights into current and future market expectations.

This encouraged us to develop TVs that incorporate features that people have on their wish list. Our Era and Pro series big screen LED TVs are Android powered Smart TVs with HDR, Google Assistant, built in Chrome cast, dual wi-fi band, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage, several ports to connect external devices and superb 30 watts high fidelity sound.

Quality is paramount and we decided to go for only the best A grade IPS panels with zero dead pixels and tested failure rate of less than 0.9% compared to the industry average of 3.3%. We are meticulous about quality and tests to ensure that each piece that carries the Meer Vision label is of the best quality and assures utmost reliability. In order to ensure peace of mind to our users we are setting up a nationwide network of service centers.

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to capture the Indian market with a range of high quality, state of art, affordable consumer electronics products and set an example to the world.

Our Vision

We have a strategic vision to grow and become an international giant in consumer electronics, capturing global markets and becoming a known brand.

We are expert in Television

Meer Vision embodies the grand vision of make in India. We urge people to consider quality products and to be assured of low cost and speedy maintenance support. We aim to focus on customer service and give our TV users the best experience leading to repeat ownership and recommendations. All said and done, at the end of the day, it is the quality of service that defines a company and its standing in the consumer electronics markets.

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You can trust our smart TVs and the quality and professionalism of our products.

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You can trust our products and the quality and professionalism of our products.

Najne khatun
House Wife

“In today’s modern world, people are the main welfare of MEER VISION Smart Tv MEER VISION Smart Tv with various apps saved. Everything we used like youtube, netflix, facebook, google, hot star, main feature. In MEER VISION, smart TVs are connecting to the big screen, mobile phones are also connecting to the Internet. I also watch TV programs, music and movies in my spare time and throughout my entertainment time. Because I satisfy MEER VISION Smart TV”

Jitender Kumar
Shop keeper

“Due to this TV being Meer Vision full HD, its picture quality is very good. I am completely satisfied with this TV. It’s been 2 years since I bought this TV. But till now there is no problem in this TV. In this, external devices are easily connected. The sound quality of this TV is also very good.”

Sahil Hashmi
Sports Trainer

“We brought Meer Vision UHD tv. we are so happy to get our new oled tv. video quality is excellent, sound quality is awesome. I personally recommend my family and my friends to purchase meer vision UHD TV.”